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How to fill out da form 67 10


How to fill out DA Form 67-10:

Begin by entering your personal information in Section I, including your name, rank, social security number, and unit.
In Section II, provide information about the specific purpose of the form, such as the type of evaluation or counseling being conducted.
In Section III, record the date of the evaluation or counseling session.
In Section IV, document the key points of the discussion or evaluation. This section should include goals, achievements, areas for improvement, and any recommendations or assigned tasks.
In Section V, both the rated soldier and the rater must sign to validate the accuracy of the information recorded.
If applicable, Section VI can be used for the rater to provide additional remarks or comments.
Finally, Section VII is for the rated soldier to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the evaluation or counseling.

Who needs DA Form 67-10:

All Army personnel serving in an active duty or reserve capacity may need to fill out DA Form 67-10.
This form is primarily used for personnel evaluations, such as Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOER) or Officer Evaluation Reports (OER).
It is also used for counseling sessions between supervisors and subordinates to provide feedback, set goals, and address issues.
Therefore, individuals serving in leadership positions and their subordinates will typically need to complete DA Form 67-10 for evaluation and counseling purposes.

Who needs a DA Form 67-10-1A?

This form is used in the US Army by the officers for the evaluation reporting system. Rating officials of second lieutenants through colonels, warrant officers one through chief warrant officers five will use DA Form 67-10-1A.

What is DA Form 67-10-1A for?

The copy of the mentioned form is given to the rated officer by the rater, once this officer assumes his duties. It’s kind of a performance guide for the rated officer: he or she lists the duty description and major performance objectives there. The rater reviews the obligations and objectives for any revision and approval, establishes new goals for the officer and provides recommendations.

Which sections should be filled in DA Form 67-10-1A?

The form consists of the following sections:

  • Administrative (for the rated officer)

  • Authentication (for the raters)

  • Verification of face-to-face discussion

  • Duties and responsibilities of the rated officer

  • Objectives and accomplishments of the rated officer

  • Self-development goals (provided by the rater)

  • Comments of the senior rater

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DA Form 67-10 is used to evaluate an individual's performance in a military occupational specialty (MOS). It is used to document an individual's performance in technical areas, such as weapons, tactics, and operations, as well as in personal and professional attributes, such as leadership, initiative, and judgment.
DA Form 67-10 is a form used by the United States Army to document the performance and counseling of an enlisted soldier or officer. It is known as the Officer Evaluation Report (OER) Support Form. This form helps evaluate an officer's performance, potential, and attributes. It is typically completed by the rater (immediate supervisor) and reviewed by the senior rater (higher-level supervisor). The form includes sections for general information, duty description, performance evaluation, potential evaluation, and overall performance summary.
DA Form 67-10, also known as the Officer Evaluation Report (OER), is typically filed by United States Army personnel who are in a position of leadership, such as officers of various ranks. It is commonly used for evaluating and documenting an officer's performance and potential.
To properly fill out DA Form 67-10, which is the Officer Evaluation Report (OER), follow these steps: 1. Basic Information: - Fill out the basic identifying information at the top of the form, including the name, rank, social security number, and unit of the rated officer. 2. Administrative Data: - Provide the administrative data section with the effective date and the ending date of the evaluation period. 3. Part I - Authentication: - The rated officer should review and sign this section. It acknowledges that they have reviewed the completed report and provides an opportunity for the officer to add any additional comments or remarks. 4. Part II - Performance Goals and Expectations: - The rating chain (including rater, senior rater, and reviewing official) will fill out this section. They will state the performance goals and expectations for the rated officer for the specific evaluation period. 5. Part III - Duties and Responsibilities: - The rating officials will describe the rated officer's duties, responsibilities, and key points of their position. 6. Part IV - Evaluation of Performance: - This section should include an objective and detailed assessment of the rated officer's performance during the evaluation period. It should evaluate the officer's competence, character, leadership skills, and potential. 7. Part V - Overall Performance and Potential: - The rating officials will provide an overall assessment of the rated officer's performance and potential. 8. Part VI - Senior Rater's Overall Performance Assessment and Commander's Overall Potential Assessment: - The senior rater and the reviewing official (normally the commander) will provide their assessment of the rated officer's performance and potential. 9. Part VII - Senior Rater's Narrative: - The senior rater will provide a narrative assessment describing the rated officer's potential and future leadership roles. 10. Part VIII - Intermediate Rater's Narrative: - If applicable, the intermediate rater will provide a narrative assessment describing their evaluation of the rated officer. 11. Part IX - Supplementary Reviewer's Narrative: - If applicable, the supplementary reviewer will provide a narrative assessment describing their evaluation of the rated officer. 12. Part X - Rated Officer's Comments: - The rated officer will have an opportunity to provide their comments and remarks regarding the evaluation. 13. Part XI - Authentication by Senior Rater and Reviewer: - The senior rater and the reviewing official (normally the commander) will sign this section to authenticate the evaluation report. Make sure to review the completed form carefully for accuracy and completeness before submitting it for processing.
DA Form 67-10, also known as the Officer Evaluation Report (OER) or the Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER), includes the following information: 1. Identification Data: This section contains the name, rank, social security number, date of rank, and other personal information of the evaluated officer or NCO. 2. Authentication Data: This section includes the name, grade, title, position, and organization of the evaluating officer or NCO. 3. Duty Description: This section provides a detailed summary of the duties and responsibilities of the evaluated officer or NCO. 4. Army Values and Attributes: This section assesses the officer or NCO's adherence to the Army Values and the demonstration of essential attributes such as integrity, loyalty, leadership, and more. 5. Competence: This section evaluates the officer or NCO's technical and tactical proficiency, performance, and effectiveness in their position. 6. Physical Fitness and Military Bearing: This section assesses the officer or NCO's physical fitness, appearance, and military bearing. 7. Character: This section evaluates the officer or NCO's professionalism, moral, and ethical behavior. 8. Overall Performance and Potential: This section provides an overall assessment of the officer or NCO's performance and potential for advancement or future assignments. 9. Senior Rater's Overall Performance Evaluation: This section allows the senior rater to provide their final evaluation and comments. 10. Rater's Overall Performance Evaluation and Narrative: This section allows the rater to provide their final evaluation and comments. 11. Evaluation Reviewer's Comments: This section includes the comments of an evaluation reviewer, typically a superior officer or NCO providing oversight. 12. Rated Officer's or NCO's Comments: This section provides an opportunity for the rated officer or NCO to provide their own comments or input. 13. Senior Rater's Promotion Potential: This section assesses the officer or NCO's potential for promotion to the next higher rank. 14. Administrative Data: This section includes administrative details such as the dates of the rating period, promotion eligibility, and any remarks or attachments. Each section has specific elements that need to be reported or evaluated as per the Army regulations and guidelines.
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